Valve Cover Car Derby

Pioneer Days Valve Cover Derby Rules

• Racers must be made from actual automotive gas engine valve covers.
• No power source allowed.
• Weights must be securely in tack. No sliding weights.
• Wheels can be on either the inside or outside of the valve cover, and have a max diameter of 6
inches. No more than 6 wheels per racer.
• Racer Dimensions
– Max Weight: 15lbs
– Max Width: 10 inches
– Max Length: 30 inches (No part of racer may extend forward of the starting pin contact point)
– Ground Clearance: ½ inch to 3 ½ inches from Gasket Flange
• All entries must be officially weighed in.
• Decorating encouraged.valve2

• Track has 2 lanes.
• Contestants will put cars on start and go to finish to watch.
• Next Contestants on deck at start during previous race.

• One entry per person.
• Each racer can only be raced in one weight class, but may be used in different age divisions.
• Once racer is weighed there will be no changing of weights.
• Double Elimination.
• Ties shall rerun in opposite lanes.
• Weight Classes:
– Stock: 3lbs. or less
– Super Stock: 3lbs 1oz. – 5lbs.
– Heavy Eliminator: 5lbs. 1oz. – 15lbs
• Age Divisions:
– 5 & under
– 6-9 years
– 10-16 years
– 17 & over

• Registration/Weigh-in from 12:30 – 1:00pm at the park.
• Race starts at 1:30pm. (Following the Pigeon Auction)

***The scale will be available at Lefty’s the week of Pioneer Days to check the weight of your racers in case you want to make some adjustments before race day.

Call or text Jodi Olson at 605-695-2358 with any questions.