2018 Chili Cookoff (18th Annual)

Date: July 21, 2018
Where: Arthur Graslie City Park  ~White, SD
Entry Fee: $40.00
Chili Cook-Off Entry Form

8:00 AM    Set Up

10:00 AM   Cooks’ meeting

11:00 AM    Food preparation

12:00 PM    Light your stoves

3:00 PM      Chili tasting & judging

4:00 PM      Winners announced

Chili Cook-off Prizes

1st Place:  $300

2nd Place:  $250

3rd Place:  $200

4th Place:  $150

5th Place:  $100

Showmanship:  Trophy

Information: Name: Jennifer Olson Phone: 629-2511 or 690-4458 Email: jenolson14@yahoo.com

Official Contestant Rules & Regulations:

1. True chili is defined by the White Pioneer Day committee as any kind of meat, or combination of meat, cooked with chili pepper, various other spices, and other ingredients with the exception of BEANS and any type of PASTA which are both forbidden.

2. No ingredient may be pre-cooked in any way prior to the commencement of the official cookoff. The only exceptions are canned or bottled tomatoes, tomato sauce, peppers, pepper sauce, beverages, broth and grinding and/or mixing of spices. Meat may be treated, pre-cut or ground. Meat may not be pre-cooked. All other ingredients must be chopped or prepared during the preparation period.

3. Preparation time begins at 11:00am and cooking time starts at 12:00pm at the sound of the whistle. Cooking ends at 3:00pm.

4. Cooks meeting is at 10:00am and the head cook should be at this meeting.

5. Contestants are responsible for supplying all of their own cooking utensils, etc. The sponsors of the cookoff will provide an area for each contestant and a table.

6. Each contestant must cook a minimum of one gallon of chili. Competition chili will be prepared in one pot, one cup will be submitted for judging.

7. Contestant will provide their chili to the public (in exchange for a tasting ticket) at the end of the cooking period after the official entry is in the judging area.

8. Each contestant will be assigned a contestant’s number and given an official judging cup. Each contestant should verify that the number on the bottom of their cup is the same as their assigned contestant number. Each contestant is responsible to deliver their cup, which must be filled to the cup’s rim, to the judging area at the official time for judging.

9. Judges will be told they should vote for the chili they like best based on the following major considerations: good flavoring, texture of meat, consistency, blend of spices, aroma and color (which should not be determining factor).

10. The decisions of the Chief Judge shall be final.